Athletic Dept Info

Athletic Director: Richard Norman
MARIETTA, GA 30066-1141
Phone: (678) 494-7844


For the 2018-2019 school year, there will be a new physical packet process for Kell High School. After April 1 2016, Kell High School will no longer take paper physical packets! The new system will be electronic based. Parents will need a Parent Vue/Synergy login for their child to have access to the new physical system. The parent will answer questions online and it will be saved to their student’s record. Once the parent has answered the physical history and supplemental history form, they will print the two page physical packet and the two history forms to take to their doctor. After the physical is complete, the parent will upload the portion of the physical filled out by the doctor to their student’s profile. Once all sections are complete, the parent submits the physical for the school to review.

Anytime a new system is implemented, there is a learning curve. The directions provided to the parents on the new physical system are very simple and complete. If you take the time to read them, we feel this will be a simple process. We also have a parent guide to this system that can be downloaded from the main school website, the athletic website, and hopefully from your individual sport website.

The new system helps everyone in many ways. Physicals will no longer end up lost or be turned in missing vital information. When the parent goes to fill out the physical packet for the next year, the information from the previous year will be saved. This will save the parent time once the initial information is entered into the system.

Please revisit the main Kell Athletics webpage, go to the Forms tab. Once there click Parent Guide. That should take you to a screen with a link to a parent guide for the new online physical packet process.

The new electronic process should be running after March 15, 2016.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, contact your head coach or the athletic director, Richard Norman, for guidance.