Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Girls Lacrosse Honey Baked Ham Fundraiser

A Fundraiser that most of you will use this holiday season anyway! Honey Baked Ham is giving 20% back on all gift cards bought to support the Kell Lady Longhorns Lacrosse Team! The regular conference season is this spring. We have started fundraising now! If you plan to have a Honey Baked Ham/meal for the holidays at home, for quick meals, for your work luncheons, as teacher or coach gifts, get an electronic/emailed or mailed gift card now, to purchase your Honey Baked Ham/meals later! Pass this link on to your Office Manager! The fundraiser ends November 27, 2019; so buy your gift card(s) today! 

This is not like other fundraisers where you’re paying 4x the usual cost of what you’re buying. They can be used anywhere in the country; and you can buy gifts for others with them online to ship. You’ll receive Electronic gift card(s) within a few hours via email, or in a few days via USPS if you choose actual cards. They never expire! Please support the Lady Longhorns Lacrosse team! Please share with friends, family and co-workers!

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